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Hot Pepper Communications is a Lethbridge company specializing in writing, editing, and social media management.


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Kim Siever

Kim Siever

Owner & Communications Consultant

I have extensive experience with social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube) spanning 12 years, and have managed several successful social media campaigns. I manage corporate accounts with a combined followership of over 120,000. My 19 years of experience in website development gives me a strong edge in knowing what web-savvy users look for. That being said, I’m no stranger to writing or editing. After all, I have been editing and writing for 30 years. I have formal education in new media production, marketing, and public speaking. My degree in theatre helps me capture the imagination of those who read your message. I am an artist, a caregiver, a communicator, and a volunteer. I live in downtown Lethbridge, Alberta, with my family of 8. I hold a diploma in multimedia production and a bachelor’s degree in dramatic arts and French.

Would you like to see your bio here, too? I can use some help on social media management. You’d have to have at least 3 years experience managing multiple corporate social media accounts. Marketing experience would be an asset. The catch is that I don’t have a fully reliable revenue stream, so you’d have to be fine with an inconsistent pay schedule and part-time hours. Or if dependable pay and full-time hours are critical for you, you can just sit where you are and wait. :) 
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