Kim Siever is an artist.


A photographer

I likely focus more on photography than I do any of my other artistic talents. What enthuses me about photography is how it allows me to view objects and scenes in a way different from how I see them with my naked eye.

I shot all the photos used on this site.

An actor


  • Storeowner, The Necklace, 2011
  • Calvin, House of Hobbes, 2011 (won Best Narrative Over 5 Minutes at Lethbridge Film Festival)
  • Edwin Dering, Living Proof, 2007


  • Theseus, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2012
  • Charles Martin/Academic, Papers, 2004
  • Ernest, Impromptu, 2004
  • Valmont, Les Liaisons Dangereuses (limited production), 2004
  • Tom, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (limited production), 2004

A director

  • The Busy Signal by Gerald Pearson

A singer

I’m what some call a shower singer. Most of my singing is in the shower or while I am alone in a public shower. I can’t compose music, but one of my favourite pasttimes is singing new arrangements of popular songs. I sing bass.

A sketcher

I like to pick up a pencil or pen and let it draw what my mind sees. Often it sketches out an apple, or an eye, or a rural yard, or a superhero.

A painter

I don’t paint much anymore, but I still love creating something that combines various colours and textures. It’s rehabiliting and calming.

A designer

That’s a pretty vague declaration. I think it’s accurate though. I believe it encapsulates everything listed above, as well as many other areas that define me. “Designer” is one of the terms that most accurately describes me.

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