Kim Siever is a caregiver.


A husband

married Mary Golbeck in May 1995. It’s been many years of joy and pain, sadness and happiness. Each of us is different from who we were back then, mostly because we’ve grown together.

A father

We lost our first child in 1996. Sinéad was born to us three years later, to be followed by ReganAisling, and Aoibheann.

A dog owner

Apollo came to us in October 2007. I’ve wanted a dog for years. When people started stealing clothes off our clothesline, we felt it was time. He’s been the source of fun and frustration. Apollo left us a year later, but Clover came into our home in the fall of 2010.

A homeowner

Buying a home is a milestone. We hit that milestone in January 2006.

Homeownserhip empowers people, but it entails a lot of responsibility. This is certainly so when the the home is 100 years old.

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