Kim Siever is a caregiver.


A husband

mar­ried Mary Gol­beck in May 1995. It’s been many years of joy and pain, sad­ness and hap­pi­ness. Each of us is dif­fer­ent from who we were back then, most­ly because we’ve grown togeth­er.

A father

We lost our first child in 1996. Sinéad was born to us three years lat­er, to be fol­lowed by ReganAis­ling, and Aoib­heann.

A dog owner

Apol­lo came to us in Octo­ber 2007. I’ve want­ed a dog for years. When peo­ple start­ed steal­ing clothes off our clothes­line, we felt it was time. He’s been the source of fun and frus­tra­tion. Apol­lo left us a year lat­er, but Clover came into our home in the fall of 2010.

A homeowner

Buy­ing a home is a mile­stone. We hit that mile­stone in Jan­u­ary 2006.

Home­ownser­hip empow­ers peo­ple, but it entails a lot of respon­si­bil­i­ty. This is cer­tain­ly so when the the home is 100 years old.

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