Kim Siever is a communicator.

153/365 - Pedestrian

A writer

I could talk for hours about my love for writing, but I’ll say this much here: I enjoy blogging and writing poetry; I enjoy writing speeches; I enjoy writing in my journal; and I enjoy writing about Mormon theology.

I like to think, and writing lets me organize my thoughts.

A blogger

I love to blog. Blogging isn’t just about writing though; it’s about building a community.

It lets me talk about controversial, trivial, and local topics – all issues I love to discuss – and hear others’ thoughts on what I say. Allowing feedback ensures what I say makes sense to others.

A grammarian

I correct grammar. It’s part of who I am. I like things to be orderly, and this extends to spoken and written language.

Not everyone likes being corrected, so I regularly blog about grammar issues.

An orator

Public speaking is a passion of mine, and those who have heard me speak see this passion. Being a drama major in university honed my speaking talents.

I relish writing speeches and delivering them. While my love for communication shows through in my written speeches, it comes alive when I deliver them orally. I am passionate and inspiring.

A poet

I’m not really a poet. Well, I’m more of an amateur. I savour the rhythm, the metre, the symbolism and the rhyming.

Poetry electrifies my imagination.

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