Kim Siever is a volunteer.


A director

I’m not a film director. I sit on boards of directors. Several in fact.

  • 2016, unabridged, organizing committee
  • 2015–present, Bikebridge Cycling Association (Director)
  • 2014–2015, Council of Lethbridge Neighbourhoods (President)
  • 2014–2015, Galt Museum & Archives (Vice-chair)
  • 2014–2015, Friends of Chinook Regional Hospital (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • 2014-2015, London Road Neighbourhood Association (President)
  • 2013–2014, Friends of Chinook Regional Hospital (Director)
  • 2013–2014, Galt Museum & Archives (Director, Finance & Governance)
  • 2013–2014, Wellness Through Living Society (Director)
  • 2012–present, Home Entrepreneurs Alliance of Lethbridge (Liaison Chair)
  • 2012–2014, Allied Arts Council (Vice President)
  • 2010–2011, Bikebridge Cycling Association (Director)
  • 2009–2011, London Road Neighbourhood Association (Director)
  • 2009–2011, Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs (Treasurer)
  • 2008–2012, Allied Arts Council (Director)
  • 2002–2003, Southern Alberta Technology Council (Director of Communications and New Media)
  • 2001–2002, Allied Arts Council (Treasurer and Director of Communications)
  • 2001–2002, Southern Alberta New Media Association (President)

A wannabe politician

I ran for a seat on the Lethbridge City Council during the 2001 municipal election. I won 1000 votes with only $85 and no roadway signs; that’s impressive in itself.

I am committed to Lethbridge, and I regularly blog and write to the editor of the Lethbridge Herald about local issues.

I have not ruled out running for city council in the future, and had seriously considered it for the 2007 election.

A churchgoer

Not only do I attend church services weekly, I am committed to my religion. I have served in various positions, all of which have taught me many things.

I speak regularly at church both in delivering sermons and in teaching classes.

A committee member

Similar to the boards I mentioned above, I have been involved in various local committees.

  • 2013, Performing Arts Theatre Strategy Committee (Member)
  • 2010–present, Lethbridge Traffic (Lead correspondent)
  • 2010–2013, Lethbridge News (Editor-in-chief)
  • 2010–2011, Community Arts Centre Steering Committee (Chair)
  • 2009–2010, Plan Your City Community Advisory Group (AAC rep)
  • 2008–2010, Faculty Council, Faculty of Management, University of Lethbridge (Support staff rep)
  • 2008–2009, Dean of Health Sciences Review Committee, University of Lethbridge (AUPE rep)
  • 2008–2009, Lethbridge Circulation Road Study Citizen Advisory Committee (public member)
  • 2008–2009, Joan Waterfield Memorial Award Nominations Committee (Chair)
  • 2007–2009, Lethbridge Circulation Road Study Stakeholder Committee, (public member)
  • 2007, President Mid-Term Review Committee, University of Lethbridge (AUPE rep)
  • 2004–2007, Transit User Group, LA Transit (member)
  • 1999, Steering Committee, Lethbridge Small Business Association (Chair)

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