I down­loaded Fire­fox two days ago. What a cool brows­er.

I ditched Inter­net Explor­er at home a few moths ago for Netscape. Every time I opened IE for the first time, it would take near­ly a minute to load the first page. That was sim­ply unac­cept­able and since I could not find the prob­lem, I sim­ply switched to anoth­er brows­er.

While I was using Netscape, I became addict­ed to tabbed brows­ing. It has come to the point where I detest using IE at work because I always have to open new win­dows instead of new tabs. There were some oth­er cool fea­tures as well.

I heard a lot about Fire­fox and decid­ed to try it. It was a nice down­load; less than a minute on DSL. It auto­mat­i­cal­ly import­ed my Netscape book­marks, favourites, links and pass­words. Very cool.

After I installed it, I checked out all the exten­sions that were avail­able. Wowee. What a find. Now, not only do I have tabbed brows­ing, but I have the fol­low­ing:

  • Tabbed brows­ing man­ag­er
  • Drag and drop tabs to the order you want
  • Undo closed tabs
  • Target=“_blank” links open in new tab
  • URLs typed in address bar open in new tab
  • Links clicked on from email or IM open in new tab

Some oth­er cool fea­tures include GMail noti­fi­ca­tion, spell check (sim­i­lar to IESpell), web devel­op­er tool­bar, auto search by typ­ing words, view source for a selec­tion of text, mail­to links open in the e-mail appli­ca­tion I indi­cat­ed as my system’s default appli­ca­tion. The list goes on.

I am nev­er going to anoth­er brows­er.

Get Firefox

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