If there is one thing I hate about nav­i­gat­ing a PDF doc­u­ment, it is not being able to nav­i­gate a PDF doc­u­ment. Par­tic­u­lar­ly a large one.

Not too long ago, I down­loaded a PDF file that was over 200 pages long. The only way to nav­i­gate was to scroll up or down the page until I found the right page I want­ed. Hav­ing large head­ings that stood out may have made my expe­ri­ence some­what bet­ter, but these head­ings were the same weight, face and style as the copy text.

Grant­ed, some­times I come across a PDF file that has a table of con­tents and the begin­ning of the doc­u­ment with each item linked to the appro­pri­ate place in the doc­u­ment. Of course, if the file has a lot of pages (like over 200), hav­ing to go to the top every time I need to go some­where can be very incon­ve­nient.

So, how do you make it easy for users to nav­i­gate your PDF doc­u­ment? Book­marks.

Open up your PDF doc­u­ment. Look to the left. You will see a set of menu tabs. One of them is the Book­mark Tab.

Click on it to open the book­marks pan­el.

High­light the head­ing to where you want the user to jump.

Go to Edit > Add Bok­mark.

Voila! Your first book­mark.

It is that easy. Now just repeat these steps for every head­ing.

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