I made some changes to Hot​Pep​per​.ca Wifi. For those who have vis­it­ed it, you will have realised that Hot​Pep​per​.ca Wifi is a web­site for find­ing wifi hotspot loca­tions around the world.

The biggest change had to do with Google Maps. Google Maps has tak­en the blo­gos­phere by storm, and since I didn’t have much to add about the site except for “very cool”, I thought I would do the next best thing to com­ment­ing on it. I imple­ment­ed it into Hot​Pep​per​.ca. That’s right, now if you click on the name of a wifi hotspot, you will be direct­ed to Google where a map of the city will be dis­played and a mark­er point­ing out the loca­tion.

Google Maps is still in beta, so there are some lim­i­ta­tions. First of all, it is heav­i­ly USA-cen­tric. There are some Cana­di­an maps, but they seem to be lim­it­ed to loca­tions south of the 50th par­al­lel. As well, some of the loca­tions may not show up in the map and based on Google’s search algo­rithm oth­er unre­lat­ed address­es may show up.

Still, it’s added func­tion­al­i­ty.

Some oth­er fea­tures I have added include:

  • being able to add a new wifi loca­tion direct­ly from the city page
  • show­ing oth­er cities in the same province/state as the city on the detail page

In addi­tion, we are rapid­ly approach­ing 300 wifi hotspots in 25 coun­tries.

If you haven’t vis­it­ed Hot​Pep​per​.ca recent­ly, you should now. While you’re there, you might as well add wifi hotspots you know of in your own city.

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