I made some changes to HotPepper​.ca Wifi. For those who have visited it, you will have realised that HotPepper​.ca Wifi is a website for finding wifi hotspot locations around the world.

The biggest change had to do with Google Maps. Google Maps has taken the blogosphere by storm, and since I didn’t have much to add about the site except for “very cool”, I thought I would do the next best thing to commenting on it. I implemented it into HotPepper​.ca. That’s right, now if you click on the name of a wifi hotspot, you will be directed to Google where a map of the city will be displayed and a marker pointing out the location.

Google Maps is still in beta, so there are some limitations. First of all, it is heavily USA-centric. There are some Canadian maps, but they seem to be limited to locations south of the 50th parallel. As well, some of the locations may not show up in the map and based on Google’s search algorithm other unrelated addresses may show up.

Still, it’s added functionality.

Some other features I have added include:

  • being able to add a new wifi location directly from the city page
  • showing other cities in the same province/state as the city on the detail page

In addition, we are rapidly approaching 300 wifi hotspots in 25 countries.

If you haven’t visited HotPepper​.ca recently, you should now. While you’re there, you might as well add wifi hotspots you know of in your own city.

About Kim Siever

I am a copywriter and copyeditor. I blog on writing tips mostly, but I sometimes throw in my thoughts about running a small business. Follow me on Twitter at @hotpepper.

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