Accord­ing to Think Secret, the newest ver­sion of Adobe Pho­to­shop, Pho­to­shop CS 2.0, will ship next month.

Among the new fea­tures arriv­ing in the next and ninth ver­sion of Pho­to­shop, code-named Space Mon­key, will be the abil­i­ty to scale placed bit-mapped and vec­tor files loss­less­ly, includ­ing the abil­i­ty to edit the orig­i­nal and have Pho­to­shop update the file; an object-based user inter­face that will enable, for exam­ple, the abil­i­ty to select mul­ti­ple lay­ers and per­form manip­u­la­tions across all of them at the same time; Editable Fil­ters, allow­ing fil­ters to update when fil­tered con­tent is adjust­ed; HDR sup­port; a cus­tomiz­able user inter­face; and a WYSIWYG Font menu.

I need­ed mul­ti­ple lay­er edit­ing just the oth­er day. Why do these things always come after I need them?

UPDATE (04 Apr 2005): It’s here.

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