Accord­ing to Microsoft Watch, IE 7.0, which will be out in beta this sum­mer, will be a tabbed brows­er.

Sources say that IE 7.0 – which is code-named “Rin­con,” they hear – will be a tabbed brows­er.

In addi­tion, some oth­er fea­tures in which devel­op­ers might be inter­est­ed are:

IE 7.0 will fea­ture inter­na­tion­al domain name (IDN) sup­port; trans­par­ent Portable Net­work Graph­ics (PNG) sup­port, which will allow for the dis­play of over­layed images in the brows­er; and new func­tion­al­i­ty that will sim­pli­fy print­ing from inside IE 7.0, part­ner sources said. The new brows­er also will like­ly include a built-in news aggre­ga­tor.

As far as CS 2.1 goes:

Part­ner sources say Microsoft is waver­ing on the extent to which it plans to sup­port CSS2 with IE 7.0. Devel­op­ers have been clam­or­ing for Microsoft to update its CSS sup­port to sup­port the lat­est W3C stan­dards for years. But Microsoft is lean­ing toward adding some addi­tion­al CSS2 sup­port to IE 7.0, but not embrac­ing the stan­dard in its entire­ty, part­ners say.

I sure hope this is true.

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