Adobe released their new ver­sion of the Cre­ative Suite today. While some of the prod­ucts look pret­ty cool, I am turned on by some of the new Pho­to­shop fea­tures. After all, I use Pho­to­shop near­ly every day and more so than any oth­er CS title.

Some of the fea­tures that I have wished for in the past and am ecsta­t­ic about see­ing now are:

  • clone, paint, and paste ele­ments to scale using Van­ish­ing Point mode
  • edit objects on the can­vas with­out hav­ing to touch the lay­ers palette
  • loss­less scal­ing and trans­for­ma­tion of “smart objects” import­ed from Illus­tra­tor
  • improve­ment to cam­era raw fea­tures, includ­ing mul­ti­ple image edit­ing
  • bet­ter noise and arti­fact reduc­tion
  • com­bine mul­ti­ple expo­sures into a sin­gle image with expand­ed range of shad­ows and high­lights
  • one-click red eye reduc­tion
  • spot heal­ing brush

The file brows­er has been revamped and is now a stand­alone appli­ca­tion called “The Bridge”. There are some pret­ty neat fea­tures on it, but the one I ral­ly like is the abil­i­ty to use ti to scroll through pre­views of every page in a PDF doc­u­ment. I could so use that.

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