Google just released a new search fea­ture called Google Q&A that allows user to ask a ques­tion and receive an answer based on com­piled infor­ma­tion around the web.

Have you ever need­ed a piece of info right now? Today we’re excit­ed to intro­duce Google Q&A. We’ve pulled togeth­er facts from all over the Web to help give you the fastest pos­si­ble access to the quick bits of infor­ma­tion you need every day; just type a query into the search box, and you’ll get back the answer at the top of your search results. Q&A knows about a lot of areas: celebri­ties, coun­tries of the world, the plan­ets, the ele­ments, elec­tron­ics, movies, and any­thing else we’ve thought of so far…

It even has the pop­u­la­tion of Leth­bridge.

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