I love using GMail. It’s easy to use and is acces­si­ble from home and work. Plus it has more disk space than Hot­mail and doesn’t use up room on my com­put­er. I moved all of my mail­ing lists over to GMail.

One thing I noticed after mov­ing all the mail­ing lists over was the absence of fold­ers in GMail. I have become very attached to mail fold­ers to organ­ise my email in Out­look, and I was dis­ap­point­ed that this func­tion­al­i­ty was not avail­able in GMail. That is until I found a workaround. Here’s the process I use.

  1. Cre­ate a new label (i.e. CSS-D) by click­ing on “Edit labels” in the Labels pan­el or going to “Set­tings”
  2. In Set­tings, click on “Fil­ters”
  3. Click on “Cre­ate a new fil­ter”
  4. Type in mail­ing list pre­fix (i.e. [css-d]) in sub­ject field and press “Next step”
  5. Make sure “Skip the Inbox” is checked and select the new label from the “Apply the label” drop­down
  6. Select “Cre­ate Fil­ter”

Your Labels pan­el will now act as a fold­er list. This fil­ter will pre­vent mail­ing list mes­sages from show­ing up in the GMail Noti­fi­er. This would be a ben­e­fit to some and a detri­ment to oth­ers.

I’ve since become attached to labels and now pre­fer them to fold­ers. One of the ben­e­fits is being able to store mes­sages under mul­ti­ple labels rather than being stuck with a sin­gle fold­er.

Either way, there you go. I hope you find this use­ful.

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