I am always inter­est­ed in cool logos, and the logo for the Lon­don 2012 olympic games is one that I real­ly like. It prompt­ed me to take a look at the logos for the oth­er four can­di­date cities (Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris).


What I like about the Lon­don logo is how it rep­re­sents the Riv­er Thames, a pop­u­lar water­way that runs through and is an inte­gral part of Lon­don. In the same way, the rib­bon rep­re­sent­ing the Thames runs through and is an inte­gral part of the logo. The five colours of the olympic rings rep­re­sents all the coun­tries of the world, and thus all the dif­fer­ent races, eth­nic­i­ties and peo­ples. Lon­don is a very mul­ti­cul­tur­al city that rep­re­sents peo­ples from all over the world, so the rib­bon in the logo rep­re­sents how these dif­fer­ent cul­tures are not only inte­gral to the olympics but to Lon­don itself.


Madrid’s logo is pret­ty sim­ple. I like the warm colours cho­sen for the flame and the words “Madrid 2012”. To me, they rep­re­sent the warmth of the peo­ple there, as well as the warm weath­er of the Mediter­ranean. In addi­tion, the colours seem to have an old world feel to them, sug­gest­ing Madrid as a well estab­lished and secure place. I also like how the logo itself seems to rep­re­sent both a bird’s-eye view of a flag and the olympic torch; a sub­tle but inter­est­ing design.


This logo was inter­est­ing in the fact that it incor­po­rat­ed the idea of the Red Square and the Kremlin—two areas cen­tral to Moscow—in its design. Beyond that, how­ev­er, I was not over­ly impressed. It seemed a bit too trendy and reeked too much of com­mu­nism for my taste. In addi­tion, the treat­ment of “Moscow 2012” made it appear too small to read com­fort­ably when the image was reduced to that above. Over­all, I think the design would be more appro­pri­ate for a postage stamp than an olympic sta­di­um.

New York

The New York logo was very live­ly and vibrant. The use of merg­ing the Stat­ue of Lib­er­ty with an ath­lete was also clever. How­ev­er, it seems like a very Amer­i­can logo. It gives off the impres­sion that Amer­i­cans are win­ners, which may be a good idea to pro­mote giv­en the Word Trade Cen­tre attacks. Nev­er­the­less, it doesn’t seem to encap­su­late the inter­na­tion­al nature of the Olympics. To me, as well, the use of the olympic colours in the words is a bit overused. That being said, where’s the black in the word “NYC2012” and where’d the light blue come from?


Of all the logos, I dis­liked this one the most. It seemed very child­ish and imma­ture. Sure, it was kind of inge­nious to include a heart in “Paris 2012”, but why make the heart green? Besides, a heart seems to be a very obvi­ous sym­bol and per­haps some­what cheesy. At least they used black in the text. As well, it was the only logo not to include a sym­bol of some sort, unless you count the heart.

Though I list­ed the logos in alpha­bet­i­cal order, it seems I have also ordered them in order of my pref­er­ence for them.

Trans­la­tions: Russ­ian

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