Dean, the guy respon­si­ble for IE7, announced yes­ter­day that Win­dows Vista (and con­cur­rent­ly IE7) Beta 1 has been released.

After read­ing the IE7 Tech­nol­o­gy Overview, I am please to see some of the new fea­tures that will be avail­able in the new ver­sion of IE.

  • tabbed brows­ing
  • bet­ter user inter­face
  • proac­tive secu­ri­ty noti­fi­ca­tions (for phish­ing, non-secure sites, etc)
  • alpha chan­nel PNG sup­port
  • bet­ter CSS sup­port
  • RSS feed detec­tion, sub­scrip­tion and view­ing
  • built-in, cus­tomis­able search tool
  • and so on

I won’t be switch­ing from Fire­fox when it comes out, but it is good to know that IE is being brought to the same lev­el as oth­er browsers now. Hope­ful­ly, I’ll final­ly be able to design a web­site and not have to wor­ry about test­ing it in dif­fer­ent browsers.

The Beta 1 has been released to only MSDN sub­scribers and a small group of pre-select­ed testers. Beta 2, accord­ing to the doc­u­men­ta­tion Dean pro­vid­ed in his post, will be avail­able pub­licly.

A lot of com­men­ta­tors on Dean’s post are whin­ing about the deci­sion for Microsoft to go with a pri­vate test­ing for the first beta, but they’re all blow­ing smoke. They didn’t even read the infor­ma­tion Dean post­ed, and got up in arms about some­thing which is real­ly irrel­e­vant. They’re just a bunch of self­ish chil­dren.

UPDATE: If you don’t want to take me seri­ous­ly, at least lis­ten to what Mol­ly has to say.

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