Jay Gilmore, of Smash­in­gRed, and I have been dis­cussing the avail­abil­i­ty (and/or fea­si­bil­i­ty) of Cana­di­an-based web design con­fer­ence. Jay post­ed on his blog the fol­low­ing:

To all the Cana­di­an devel­op­ers and design­ers for the web, I not­ed a post on [the­list] the mail list of evolt​.org want­i­ng to know if their are any Cana­di­an Web Devel­op­er /Designer con­fer­ences. It seems as if this is an unheard of event. If any­one out there knows of any oth­er event besides Flash In The Can let me know.

If you don’t know of any such events, let me know if you have any inter­est in a Great White North Web Con­fer­ence. It could be held any­where and or we could rotate loca­tions around the coun­try. BTW my own bent is toward stan­dards-based web­sites using (X)HTML and CSS but XML and oth­er tech­nolo­gies are more than wel­come to dis­cuss and sug­gest a pro­gram etc. I real­ly want to push web­sites as a mar­ket­ing and sales vehi­cle as well. This post is a lit­tle stream-of-con­scious­ness but I had the impulse to post.

Feel free to com­ment there or here.

UPDATE (13 Dec 2005): See more here on the fea­si­bil­i­ty of a Toron­to-based con­fer­ence.

UPDATE (14 Dec 2005): Vote for your pre­ferred loca­tion.

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