Last night, I talked to Justin Kozuch, the exec­u­tive direc­tor of Design­Fest ’05. Design­Fest was a new media con­fer­ence held in Toron­to in Octo­ber, and Justin has inten­tion on hold­ing this every year. So it turns out after all that there is a Cana­di­an-based web design con­fer­ence.

So my new ques­tion is two-fold. First, can (should) Cana­da sup­port anoth­er web-design con­fer­ence? If so, should it still be locat­ed in Toron­to?

My first impres­sion is that Cana­da can sup­port anoth­er web con­fer­ence, but that it would need to be be west­ern-based. That being said, I’m not from Toron­to, and not very famil­iar with the mar­ket there.

I’m inter­est­ed in oth­ers’ thoughts on this.

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