Some­thing I have been think­ing about late­ly is the idea of nam­ing fold­ers that make sense in the future. For exam­ple, it does not make sense to name a fold­er “Word doc­u­ments”; a year from now you might won­der what kind of Word doc­u­ments are in that fold­er.

A com­mon tech­nique I have seen peo­ple do when intro­duc­ing new web­sites or new soft­ware is to move all the old files (pre­vi­ous ver­sion of a web­site, sup­port­ing doc­u­ments for old soft­ware) to a new fold­er labelled “old”. At the time, it makes sense.

Yet it does not make sense down the road. Should infor­ma­tion that is new now be put in that fold­er a year from now? What ref­er­ence point does the fold­er use to deter­mine when some­thing is old?

Fold­ers should have names that accu­rate­ly describe what is in them.

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