Our web server’s char­ac­ter set is ISO-8859 – 1. This has caused some prob­lems when per­sons input accent­ed char­ac­ters or oth­er non-ASCII char­ac­ters into our data­base. Well, actu­al­ly the prob­lems occurred when the infor­ma­tion was parsed to a web­page.

I’ve tried fix­ing this sev­er­al times, but could not fig­ure out how to set the char­ac­ter set on my MySQL tables to ISO-8859 – 1. Until today.

It seems the MySQL equiv­a­lent of ISO-8859 – 1 is ‘latin1’. I sim­ply set the tables’ char­ac­ter sets to ‘latin1’, and voilà! Now I have all my accent­ed char­ac­ters.

Just thought I’d share in case oth­ers have the same prob­lem.

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