My alma mater, Leth­bridge Com­mu­ni­ty Col­lege recent­ly changed their name by drop­ping “com­mu­ni­ty”. To go along with it, they unveiled a new brand­ing strat­e­gy (includ­ing a new logo).

Here’s the old logo:

Here’s the new logo:

I real­ly like the new logo. The old one, of course, seemed dat­ed. The new one looks very fresh.

I think it goes with­out say­ing that the logo makes it seems the view­er is look­ing out a win­dow. I think it also goes with­out say­ing that the col­lege rep­re­sents a path. Both the win­dow and the path, of course, are rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the future and imply the college’s link to it.

But there’s more to the logo than that. At least in my opin­ion. Those not from Leth­bridge may not see the things that stuck out to me, but the logo is a very strong link between the col­lege and Leth­bridge.

Depend­ing on per­spec­tive, the logo can also rep­re­sent the view of some­one at the back of the col­lege look­ing down the coulees onto the Old­man Riv­er. It could also rep­re­sent the view of some­one in the riv­er bot­tom look­ing up through the coulees at the sky.

I real­ly like this logo. I like its future-look­ing qual­i­ties and its grass­roots ele­ments. Sure­ly one of the best look­ing logos I’ve ever seen. And that’s my unbi­ased opin­ion.

The one thing I don’t like about it is the font choice. It doesn’t seem to be a good pair­ing.

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