This is part of the dif­fer­ence between series.

The fol­low­ing is a read­er sub­mis­sion:

Please detail the dif­fer­ence between “who” and “whom” in the fol­low­ing phrase:

… which helped to shape me into (who/whom) I am today.


Thanks for writ­ing, Car­men. This is a tricky one. The key to deter­min­ing whether to use one or the oth­er is deter­min­ing what is the sub­ject and object in the sen­tence.

You would use “who” because it is part of the clause “who I am”, in which it is the pred­i­cate pro­noun to I. “Whom” is used if it is the object in a clause.

The trick is to sub­sti­tute either “he” or “him” in the clause. If “he” sounds bet­ter, use “who”; if “him” sounds bet­ter, use “whom”. In this case, one would say “I am he”, not “I am him”.

An alter­na­tive would be to use “the per­son” in place of who/whom, as in: which helped shape me into the per­son I am today.

I hope that answers your ques­tion.

Let me know if you have any gram­mar ques­tions, and I’ll be sure to post the ques­tion and answer here.

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