The fol­low­ing is a read­er sub­mis­sion.

I found your arti­cle on “I am he”, and hoped you could set­tle vari­a­tions on that. I believe it is “She and I went to …”. Sub­jec­tive form, but with first per­son last. And then “He gave it to her”. But can it ever be the com­pound “her and me”? I keep think­ing that you must always fall back to “us”? —Andy

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the great ques­tion. It’s actu­al­ly a pret­ty sim­ple answer.

Con­sid­er these exam­ples:

  1. Bob gave can­dy to her and me.
  2. Bob gave can­dy to us.

The first sen­tence implies she received can­dy and I received candy. The sec­ond sen­tence implies he gave can­dy to the two of us col­lec­tive­ly, can­dy we should share togeth­er.

I hope that helps.


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