I’ve noticed a lack of basic punc­tu­a­tion in online con­ver­sa­tions: every­thing from using the degree sign to em dash­es. As a result, I put togeth­er this handy table so peo­ple could see how easy it is to use prop­er punc­tu­a­tion.

Let me know in the com­ments if there are oth­er punc­tu­a­tion marks you’d like to know how to do.

Name Sym­bol Mac PC
Degree ° Shift + Option + 8 Alt + 0176
Em dash Shift + Option + - Alt + 0151
En dash Option + - Alt + 0150
Left dou­ble Option + [ Alt + 0147
Right dou­ble Shift + Option [ Alt + 0148
Left sin­gle Option + ] Alt + 0145
Right sin­gle Shift + Option + ] Alt + 0146
Cent ¢ Option + 4 Alt + 0162

If you came here look­ing for how to type these char­ac­ters on a Chrome book, vis­it my How to type spe­cial char­ac­ters on Chrome­book post.

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