Mignon Fog­a­r­ty (a.k.a. Gram­mar Girl) com­piled a list of pop­u­lar gram­mar myths, then embarked on debunk­ing each one.

Here are the myths, but check out her web­site to see why they are myths.

  1. You shouldn’t end a sen­tence with a prepo­si­tion.
  2. You shouldn’t split infini­tives.
  3. It’s incor­rect to answer the ques­tion “How are you?” with the state­ment “I’m good.”
  4. You use “a” before words that start with con­so­nants and “an” before words that start with vow­els.
  5. I.e.” and “e.g.” mean the same thing.
  6. Pas­sive voice is always wrong.
  7. There is only one way to write the pos­ses­sive form of a word that ends in “s.”
  8. Irre­gard­less” is not a word.
  9. You shouldn’t start a sen­tence with the word “how­ev­er.”
  10. A run-on sen­tence is a real­ly long sen­tence.

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