The 19th post in the Stump the Social Media Guy series is for loco­mo­tive engi­neers.

A cou­ple of years ago, one of the nation­al rail com­pa­nies was on a hir­ing dri­ve, and they had sev­er­al local posi­tions open. I was tempt­ed to apply, but then I remem­bered that I’d be away from my fam­i­ly for days (if not weeks) at a time. If I had been sin­gle, I prob­a­bly would have done it.

Any­how, you don’t see many pop­u­lar social media accounts for loco­mo­tive engi­neers, which is kind of sad because I think con­tent they would post would be pop­u­lar. If you’re a loco­mo­tive engi­neer, post pho­tos of the vis­tas you see. Peo­ple love scenic pho­tos. That’s a giv­en.

To bump it up a notch, how­ev­er, also con­sid­er post­ing time-lapse videos of trips you take. Not every­one can take a train (let alone in the areas of the coun­try you trav­el), so this could be the next best thing to being there.

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