Writing tip: capitalizing headlines

A pop­u­lar writ­ing con­ven­tion is to use lib­er­al­ly cap­i­tal­iza­tion in head­ings. I see this blog posts, but I see it on news sites, too.

Accord­ing to The Cana­di­an Style, pub­lished by the Trans­la­tion Bureau, has this to say on the mat­ter:

In head­ings that begin at the mar­gin, cap­i­tal­ize only the first word and any oth­er words that require cap­i­tals in their own right. In cen­tred head­ings, cap­i­tal­ize all words except for arti­cles (unless they begin the head­ing) and any con­junc­tions or prepo­si­tions of few­er than four let­ters. Prepo­si­tions that are an insep­a­ra­ble part of the verb should also be cap­i­tal­ized.

So, for head­ings in blog posts, cap­i­tal­iz­ing every word is unnec­es­sary. Just cap­i­tal­ize the first word and leave the rest low­er­case.

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