From time to time, you’ll see people note when they’ve passed a milestone of followers on their social media account. In fact, a YouTuber I subscribe to published a video yesterday pointing out (quite excitedly, I might add) that she’d passed 1 million subscribers.

Followers are an important part of succeeding on social media, but there are other metrics that are just as (or perhaps more so) important. Consider this, when was the last time you saw someone tweet, “Wow! I just hit 10 retweets for the first time!”

Having followers is a must, but the point of having followers is getting them to interact with the content you share, either by clicking on it to go to your site or resharing it with their followers, expanding your reach.

Luckily, there are a few easy tricks you can use to increase engagement. Here are 3 tricks I use on Twitter.

1. Use images

One of the drawbacks of the Twitter timeline — especially if you have many followers — is that it’s easy to miss content as you’re scrolling through dozens or hundreds of posts at a time. That means your tweets might be getting missed on others’ timelines, too. Luckily, including an eye-catching image is one way to get people to stop scrolling — even if for just a moment. If they stop to check out your tweet, they might be more likely to click on it, retweet it, or comment on it.

If you’re sharing an article that uses a photo, here are some tips for getting a better version for your tweet.

2. Use hashtags

Find out what hashtags are popular in your industry — or for the topic of your tweet — and include them in your tweet. People subscribe to popular hashtags and review them regularly, which increases the chances of more people seeing your tweet. Bonus tip: if the text of your tweet contains one of those hashtags, simply convert that word into a hashtag.

Hashtagify is a great resource for finding popular hashtags.

3. Mention others

One thing I like to do in my tweets is mention other people. This is particularly true when I am sharing an article and I mention the article’s author by name. People love it when you share their content, and you may get a retweet or a follow out of the deal.

Consider four tweets I sent out today and yesterday using a combination of these tricks.

This one received 83 impressions, 2 favourites, a reply, 2 profile clicks, and a follow.

This tweet received 88 impressions, 2 favourites, 2 retweets, a link click, and a user profile click.

This one didn’t have an image or a mention, but it uses popular hashtags. It received 280 impressions, 4 retweets, and 4 link clicks.

Finally, here is my recent blog post. It received 113 impressions, 3 link clicks, 2 clicks on the image, 1 reply, 1 retweet, 1 favourite, 1 follow, and 1 click on my profile.

These are my favourite tricks for increasing engagement on Twitter. What tricks do you use?

About Kim Siever

I am a copywriter and copyeditor. I blog on writing tips mostly, but I sometimes throw in my thoughts about running a small business. Follow me on Twitter at @hotpepper.

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