Here are the 20 most pop­u­lar links I shared this week that peo­ple liked the most.

  1. How Twit­ter and Face­book helped shut down Low­er Man­hat­tan for Eric Gar­ner
  2. Here’s How GM Uses Social Data to Improve Cars
  3. 14 Wit­ty Jokes for the Gram­mar Nerd in Your Life
  4. Think­ing that Face­book is Wast­ing Your Time? You Can Change that!
  5. Expe­ri­enc­ing Blog­ging Block? Then You Need These 6 Tips and Tools
  6. 14 Recent Changes Social Media Mar­keters Need to Know
  7. The Evo­lu­tion of #Social­Me­dia Since 2004 [Info­graph­ic]
  8. Cap­i­tal­ize dad and mum/mom
  9. Google to revamp its prod­ucts with 12-and-younger focus
  10. Why You Should Keep Blog­ging (Even When it Feels Like No One is Read­ing)
  11. Dif­fer­ence between than and then
  12. Be good at social media with­out even try­ing
  13. 51 Of The Most Beau­ti­ful Sen­tences In Lit­er­a­ture
  14. 5 ways to rock social media with­out mak­ing it feel like a chore
  15. The His­to­ry of Hash­tags [Info­graph­ic]
  16. A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Brand­ing
  17. 10 Ways to Mar­ket Your New Blog
  18. How to Boost Your Con­tent Reach With Social Media
  19. 3 super easy tricks any­one can use to increase Twit­ter engage­ment
  20. Bite-size or bite-sized

Which one is your favourite?

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