One of the chal­lenges of liv­ing in Cana­da is try­ing to know what spelling to use. For some words, we use the Amer­i­can spelling (e.g. ana­lyze, tire), and for oth­ers, we use the British spelling (e.g. metre, cat­a­logue). In some cas­es, either is accept­able (e.g. colour and colour, the­atre and the­ater), and yet in some oth­ers, we used to use the British spelling, but now the Amer­i­can spelling is more pop­u­lar (e.g. ency­clopae­dia, air­plane).

One word that con­fus­es a lot of peo­ple is “defence”. Or is it “defense”? See? That’s the prob­lem.

Defence” is the spelling used through­out the Com­mon­wealth, “defense” is the spelling used in the Unit­ed States. An easy trick to help Cana­di­ans remem­ber which to use is to just remem­ber “C for Cana­da”.

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