While edit­ing a client doc­u­ment last week, I came across the term “every­day”. It stuck out to me because it was being used incor­rect­ly. Here is an exam­ple of “every­day” being used wrong:

I go to the store every­day.

What should be used instead is “every day”. So what’s the dif­fer­ence between “every day” and “every­day”?


Every­day” is actu­al­ly an adjec­tive that describes some­thing you use each day. For exam­ple:

These are my every­day shoes.

Use “every­day” when you want to empha­size the object more than when you use it.

Every day

Use “every day” when you want to empha­size the fre­quen­cy you use an object. For exam­ple:

I wear these shoes every day.

One way to remem­ber which one to use is to replace “every” with “each” and see if it make sense:

These are my each­day shoes. (Nope.)

I wear these shoes each day. (Yep.)

If “each” makes sense in your sen­tence, then use two words: every day.

Do you have a trick you like to use to tell the dif­fer­ence between “every­day” and “every day?” Let me know in the com­ments below.

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