Last week, I was edit­ing a doc­u­ment for a client and came across the fol­low­ing phrase:

a deep seed­ed con­fi­dence

I hadn’t seen this usage before, but I thought it’d make a good blog post top­ic.

The phrase should actu­al­ly be “a deep seat­ed con­fi­dence” despite “deep seed­ed” mak­ing sense, at least metaphor­i­cal­ly. In this case, the con­fi­dence was plant­ed deeply (in the heart, in the mind, etc) to make it stur­dy and sta­ble.

How­ev­er, “seat­ed” in this con­text means some­thing that’s fixed firm­ly in place. So, some­thing that’s deep seat­ed is not only fixed firm­ly in place, but deeply, too. So, maybe it’s affixed with super glue and anchors.

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