Joint Facebook accounts.

There’s a pretty good chance that you know a couple who use one. Maybe even more than one couple. Here are 4 reasons why a joint Facebook account is a bad idea.

1. No one knows who’s talking.

When you use a joint Facebook account, your friends never know who’s talking. As a result, they don’t know who to address. It’s confusing.

2. Who’s birthday is it?

When your birthday arrives, and the inevitable tsunami of happy birthday come flooding, how will the well wishers know who to mention in their salutation?

3. It breeds distrust.

Or more specifically, it may breed distrust. Relationship therapist Suzana Flores, Ph.D., said the following in an interview with Mashable:

There is a role for healthy autonomy in every relationship. When couples have a joint account, it doesn’t really reflect that.… Psychologically, when couples share social media accounts, it more likely than not is a sign of codependency or insecurity. Someone has trust issues, someone feels the need to monitor. I would say nine times out of ten, ballpark, that’s what’s really going on when we do see a joint account, because it’s unusual. It’s almost like the couple is … too enmeshed.

4. It’s illegal.

Okay, not exactly illegal, but it is against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions:

We don’t allow joint accounts. Additionally, you can only sign up for one Facebook account per email address. Since each account belongs to one person, we require everyone to use their authentic name on their account. This way, you always know who you’re connecting with. Learn more about our name policies.

See also 4.9 of their actual terms and conditions.

There are my 4 reasons why you shouldn’t have a joint Facebook account. How do you feel about joint Facebook accounts? Let me know in the comments below.

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