Here are the 20 most pop­u­lar (list­ed from most pop­u­lar to least) social media and writ­ing arti­cles I shared this week, based on the num­ber of likes, com­ments, and reshares they received.

  1. The 5 Best Alter­na­tive Social Media Plat­forms For Your Brand
  2. How to Boost Your Employ­er Brand on Social Media
  3. Dif­fer­ence between hanged and hung
  4. How To Use Twit­ter For Recruit­ing
  5. 6 rea­sons I love work­ing for myself
  6. How to Con­nect With Local Cus­tomers via Social Media
  7. How to Gen­er­ate 660 New Leads in a Week Using Social Media Chal­lenges
  8. Can You Spell The 25 Most Com­mon­ly Missed Words In Eng­lish?
  9. How social media is impact­ing web design and how you can inte­grate it
  10. Mar­keters: You Don’t Need To Be On Every Dig­i­tal Chan­nel
  11. Face­book push­es busi­ness­es to Mes­sen­ger with new Pages tools
  12. Facebook’s Changed The 20% Ad Image Text Over­lay Rule
  13. Why I advo­cate for the use of Ms.
  14. How to make a degree sym­bol on a Chrome­book
  15. Don’t block your Face­book friend; turn off noti­fi­ca­tions instead
  16. How to find old sta­tus updates on #Face­book in 5 sec­onds
  17. 20+ Social Media Hacks and Tips From the Pros
  18. Don’t always use a com­ma before “and”; here’s when you do
  19. 3 Social Image Tools That Increase Expo­sure and Engage­ment
  20. Dif­fer­ence between bid­ing time and buy­ing time
  21. Ignore the Uproar. The Insta­gram Algo­rithm Change Is a Good Thing.
  22. 10 Tips for More Insta­gram Fol­low­ers

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