I’ve been in discussions this week with a potential client in Edmonton regarding my taking over management of their Facebook page and Twitter account. They have been unhappy with the service provided by their current social media management company and hoped I could provide better service.

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Anyhow, I took a look at this company’s social media accounts, and I saw immediately what the problem was. The other social media management company was posting only once every week or two. That is vastly insufficient.

I touch on the importance of not going dark when it comes to social media posts in a recent case study I wrote about a client of mine that had stopped posting for a week.

Posting frequently is an important part of keeping your fans engaged.

Most people don’t visit Facebook pages outside of the first time they like the page or if they need specific content (for example, the menu for a restaurant page). They see your content only when it shows up on their News Feed. And if you’re posting content only once every week or two, then that’s how much time will go by between each time your content shows up on their News Feed.

If your goal is to increase the reach of your Facebook page, you must have content regularly showing up on the News Feeds of your followers. That can happen only if you’re posting regularly.

Now, I’m not suggesting posting content every 5 minutes. Ideal post frequency is something you’ll have to determine through trial and error. But it will entail finding a balance between ideal post times, optimal post intervals, and total daily posts.

Early on in my social media management career, I was working part time for a company, so my Facebook posts on their page were concentrated in a 3 – 4 hour window. We received some criticism for that, and that’s when I started using post scheduling. It allowed me to schedule posts for when I wasn’t at work. It turns out that it wasn’t the number of the posts that was irritating our followers; it was the frequency.

So, remember, if you want more engagement on your Facebook posts, post frequently.

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

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