Here are the 20 most popular (listed from most popular to least) social media and writing articles I shared this week, based on the number of likes, comments, and reshares they received.

  1. Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit
  2. 5 reasons why reciprocation is key to social media success
  3. How to boost traffic with these 3 must-have tools
  4. YouTube’s New Messenger Means You’ll Never Have to Leave YouTube
  5. 15 Surefire Ways to Boost Your #SocialMedia #Marketing in Under an Hour
  6. 10 Strategic Ways CEOs Can Take Advantage of Social Media
  7. Centigrade or Celsius?
  8. 7 Social Media Tips for Non-Tech Entrepreneurs
  9. 13 Social Media Power Tips for Getting the Job You Want
  10. 4 Tools That Make Your Small Business Look Big
  11. Between’ Versus ‘Among’
  12. 5 Steps to Improve Your Customer Service Using Twitter
  13. How to Engage With Your Customers on LinkedIn Like a Pro
  14. 5 Remarkable Qualities of Effective Online Content
  15. Why evergreen content is critical to your blog’s success
  16. Want to Be an Amazing Writer? Read Like One
  17. How to properly apologize on social media
  18. The key to boosting blog traffic: make it compelling
  19. How to get a custom LinkedIn address in 4 simple steps
  20. Stump the Social Media Guy: Tip 4, Cake decorator

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