Here are the 20 most pop­u­lar (list­ed from most pop­u­lar to least) social media and writ­ing arti­cles I shared this week, based on the num­ber of likes, com­ments, and reshares they received.

  1. Twit­ter to Stop Count­ing Pho­tos and Links in 140-Char­ac­ter Lim­it
  2. 5 rea­sons why rec­i­p­ro­ca­tion is key to social media suc­cess
  3. How to boost traf­fic with these 3 must-have tools
  4. YouTube’s New Mes­sen­ger Means You’ll Nev­er Have to Leave YouTube
  5. 15 Sure­fire Ways to Boost Your #Social­Me­dia #Mar­ket­ing in Under an Hour
  6. 10 Strate­gic Ways CEOs Can Take Advan­tage of Social Media
  7. Centi­grade or Cel­sius?
  8. 7 Social Media Tips for Non-Tech Entre­pre­neurs
  9. 13 Social Media Pow­er Tips for Get­ting the Job You Want
  10. 4 Tools That Make Your Small Busi­ness Look Big
  11. Between’ Ver­sus ‘Among’
  12. 5 Steps to Improve Your Cus­tomer Ser­vice Using Twit­ter
  13. How to Engage With Your Cus­tomers on LinkedIn Like a Pro
  14. 5 Remark­able Qual­i­ties of Effec­tive Online Con­tent
  15. Why ever­green con­tent is crit­i­cal to your blog’s suc­cess
  16. Want to Be an Amaz­ing Writer? Read Like One
  17. How to prop­er­ly apol­o­gize on social media
  18. The key to boost­ing blog traf­fic: make it com­pelling
  19. How to get a cus­tom LinkedIn address in 4 sim­ple steps
  20. Stump the Social Media Guy: Tip 4, Cake dec­o­ra­tor

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I am a copy­writer and copy­ed­i­tor. I blog on writ­ing tips most­ly, but I some­times throw in my thoughts about run­ning a small busi­ness. Fol­low me on Twit­ter at @hotpepper.

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