One way to bump up your cus­tomer ser­vice on social media is to say thank you. But don’t be lazy about it.

1. Don’t just like a compliment

If some­one leaves a com­pli­ment on your Face­book page, don’t just like their com­ment. If some­one sends you a com­pli­ment in a tweet, don’t just click on the heart icon.

2. Engage

Engage with the (poten­tial) cus­tomer. Actu­al­ly say thank you to them.

3. Be specific

That being said, don’t just say thank you. Be spe­cif­ic in your thanks. For exam­ple, let’s say you own a bak­ery and some­one leaves the fol­low­ing com­ment on your Face­book page:

Just had a piece of your blue­ber­ry pie today and it was awe­some! Bet­ter than my mum’s.

Don’t just say thanks. Be spe­cif­ic. Say some­thing like:

Thanks for com­ing in. We’re delight­ed you loved our pie. The blue­ber­ry is one of our favourites. Next time, bring in your mum and see what she thinks. :)

4. Mention their name

When you do say thanks, men­tion their name. It’s a lit­tle thing, but it adds a spe­cial touch and who doesn’t like hear­ing their name being said? Also, on Face­book, typ­ing out their name will often tag them, which will noti­fy them of your reply and increase the chance their friends might see it, too.

Lik­ing a com­pli­ment is easy, but it isn’t great engage­ment. Engage with your cus­tomers, and they will become devot­ed social media fol­low­ers.

Have any oth­er tips for effec­tive social media thank yous? Leave them in the com­ments below?

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