Here are the 20 most pop­u­lar (list­ed from most pop­u­lar to least) social media and writ­ing arti­cles I shared this week, based on the num­ber of likes, com­ments, and reshares they received.

  1. Do you use ’s to make words plur­al? Please stop!
  2. Until, Till, or ’Til
  3. 60+ Eng­lish Gram­mar Resources for Fun and Effec­tive Learn­ing
  4. 4 Rea­sons Not Hav­ing a Social Media Strat­e­gy Can Hurt Your Busi­ness
  5. 10 Social Media Posts That Deserve a Place in Your Con­tent Cal­en­dar
  6. Is fun­ner a real word?
  7. 4 Rea­sons Not Hav­ing a Social Media Strat­e­gy Can Hurt Your Busi­ness
  8. 5 ways to prop­er­ly use a semi­colon
  9. Sneaked or Snuck: Which Is Cor­rect?
  10. 11 Cre­ative Ways to Use Live Stream­ing on Snapchat, Face­book Live & More
  11. Insta­gram launch­es new tool to mon­i­tor offen­sive com­ments
  12. 8 Tips on How to Deal with Neg­a­tiv­i­ty on Social Media
  13. 8 times when you should use a com­ma
  14. Twit­ter said to launch new eco­nom­i­cal tweets Sept. 19
  15. How to use 1 link to share Face­book posts in 5 loca­tions
  16. Why non­prof­its must use social media
  17. How to see tweets from a cer­tain day
  18. 30 words you’re prob­a­bly get­ting wrong
  19. Dif­fer­ence between though and although
  20. Oxford Eng­lish Dic­tio­nary adds 6 splen­dif­er­ous new words to hon­our Roald Dahl’s 100th birth­day
  21. 3 Steps to Align Your Social Media Efforts with Your Busi­ness Goals
  22. A 5-Step Frame­work for Sell­ing on Social Media

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