This is part of the dif­fer­ence between series.

I’ve heard some peo­ple con­fus­ing the words past and passed. Here’s the dif­fer­ence between the two.


Past has 3 main mean­ings:

  • Noun: Past can refer to the time before a per­son is speak­ing (In the past, I was much short­er.).
  • Adjec­tive: Past can refer to some­thing hav­ing gone by (The dan­ger is now past.).
  • Adverb: Past can refer to pass­ing from one side to anoth­er (The dol­phin swam past out yacht.).


Passed, on the oth­er hand, is the past tense (See what I did there?) form of “to pass”.

  • The giraffe passed our jeep.

Which words do you con­fuse? Let me know in the com­ments below.

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