I’ve talked before about try­ing to avoid using very and real­ly in your writ­ing. There is no good rea­son to use them as mod­i­fiers when you can just use a more descrip­tive word.

Here are 10 exam­ples of com­mon very phras­es and some alter­na­tives you can use in their place:

very tall tow­er­ing
very hun­gry fam­ished
very tired exhaust­ed
very sad despon­dent
very hap­py elat­ed
very old ancient
very painful excru­ci­at­ing
very pret­ty beau­ti­ful
very scared pet­ri­fied
very rainy pour­ing

Do you have some oth­er very exam­ples? Let me know in the com­ments.

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