Decades ago, when you wanted to share a bit of hot news, your only option was to phone someone. Social media, such as Twitter, and smart devices have changed all that — and it’s not just individuals who can quickly connect with others. Companies, too, can share of-the-moment news and insights at events. Done well, it’s a great way to build organic marketing, but done poorly, it’s a quick way to get more than enough bad news to permanently stain a corporate brand.

To avoid the latter, we must understand some key insights about the social media platform you’re using. Twitter, for example, lets you set a username and enables the use of hashtags. Then, like other social media platforms, followers can like, share, and comment. After the mechanics, you also need to figure out what your Twitter voice is: your personality, what you share, and more.

Want to learn about maximizing the reach of Twitter for live tweeting? Use this graphic from Salesforce:

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