One of the things I love about Face­book is being able to tag friends.

The Tag Friends button

You might already be famil­iar with the tag­ging fea­ture built into the sta­tus update box:

When you click on “Tag Friends”, a bar appears with the word “With” in it:

Just start typ­ing someone’s name in that bar, and a menu appears with a list of peo­ple whose names con­tain the let­ter com­bi­na­tions you’re enter­ing. For exam­ple, if I type “Mary”, sev­er­al friends with the name Mary appear (trun­cat­ed for pri­va­cy):

Once you select the person’s name, this is how it looks:

And of course, you can tag more than one per­son.

This method is great for announce­ments, rem­i­nisc­ing, joint activ­i­ties, or oth­er occa­sions when you want to include some­one but you don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly need to include them by name in the actu­al text you write.

Tagging them directly in the post.

How­ev­er, you don’t need to always use the “Tag Friends” but­ton. Face­book allows you to tag just by typ­ing the person’s name in the text. You can even just use their first name by press­ing the back­space once their name is tagged, like this:

Tagging them in comments

But that is for sta­tus updates. You can tag peo­ple in com­ments, too. Just do the same thing: type their name in the com­ment, and you should be able to tag them.

But what if you want to tag some­one who isn’t your friend, say some­one you want to reply to in a thread on the Face­book page of a local news sto­ry?

Well, you do it the way you used to have to use to tag any­one on Face­book (and how you still do it on Twit­ter): with the @ sym­bol.

In the above image, I’m tag­ging one of our local city coun­cil­lors, who I don’t have added as a Face­book friend. Just type the @ sym­bol, and start typ­ing their name. A menu will appear, sim­i­lar to the exam­ples above, and you can select the per­son you want.

Tag­ging peo­ple is use­ful for a cou­ple of rea­sons: the per­son you tag receives a noti­fi­ca­tion of the tag, and on a pub­lic post, their friends may see your com­ment, too.

Now, there is a bit of a dis­claimer. If some­one has pret­ty strict pri­va­cy set­tings, you may not be able to tag them. Don’t wor­ry too much if you can’t tag them; it may not be because you’re doing it wrong.

Do you have any tricks for tag­ging peo­ple on Face­book? Let me know in the com­ments below.

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