Keep­ing up with social media is dif­fi­cult, espe­cial­ly when it seems like they’re chang­ing their lay­outs all the time. It’s impos­si­ble to keep up. Here’s a cheat sheet for the cur­rent lay­outs of major social media web­sites to help you make the most out of your social media accounts today.


There are sev­er­al fea­tures of Facebook’s lay­out to keep in mind, but the biggest ones are the cov­er pho­to and the pro­file pho­to.

The cov­er pho­to is the big pho­to promi­nent­ly dis­played on a person’s pro­file. Cur­rent­ly, it’s 820 × 312 pix­els. To keep your image look­ing good and to keep it from get­ting cut off, make sure the actu­al image in your cov­er pho­to is 667 × 176 pix­els.

Next to the cov­er pho­to is your pro­file pic­ture. It’s dis­played on the pro­file and also pops up in a thumb­nail size next to com­ments and posts you make. At its full size on your pro­file, it’s 160 × 160 pix­els. How­ev­er, it’ll dis­play as 180 × 180 pix­els. In its thumb­nail size, it’s 32 × 32 pix­els.


The cov­er image and pro­file pic­ture are once again the two most impor­tant images to get right.

The cov­er pho­to on Google+ is a lot big­ger than the one on Face­book, and the pro­file pic­ture is much small­er. The cov­er pho­to is 1080 × 680 pix­els, and the pro­file pic­ture is 250 × 250 pix­els. How­ev­er, the pro­file thumb­nail is big­ger than Face­book, at 150 × 150 pix­els.


The pro­file pic­ture on Twit­ter is 400 × 400 pix­els; its thumb­nail is 48 × 48 pix­els. The cov­er pho­to is 1500 × 1500 pix­els. But there are oth­er impor­tant sizes for Twitter’s lay­out. Shared pho­tos and video and pho­to pre­view are all impor­tant. You want to make sure your tweets look good and fit the dimen­sions, not slop­py. Image pre­view is 60 × 60 pix­els. Shared images are 590 × 295 pix­els. Shared videos are 483 × 274 pix­els.


Even though pho­tos are what makes up Instagram’s con­cept, it’s impor­tant to also fill out the 150 char­ac­ter bio with its 100 char­ac­ter title to the best of your abil­i­ty. Shared pho­tos are 161 × 161 pix­els. Your pro­file pic­ture is 110 × 110 pix­els.


Your cov­er pho­to is the most impor­tant on this pro­fes­sion­al net­work­ing site. The small­est it can be is 200 × 200 pix­els, but ide­al­ly, your pho­to is about 400 × 400 pix­els. Your thumb­nail will be 50 × 50 pix­els.


Your pro­file pic­ture is 165 × 165 pix­els. Your title is 100 char­ac­ters long and your descrip­tion is 200 char­ac­ters long. Large thumb­nails are 222 × 150 pix­els. Small­er thumb­nails are 55 × 55 pix­els.


The pix­el size changes depend­ing on if it’s being viewed on tablet, TV, or phone. But for your cov­er pho­to, 1546 × 423 pix­els are always vis­i­ble with 507 pix­els of flex­i­ble space to the right and left of the safe area.

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