Firefox Supports CSS3 Opacity

Fire­fox sup­ports the opac­i­ty prop­er­ty of the CSS3 spec­i­fi­ca­tion. This is impor­tant because it proves the Fire­fox is still com­mit­ted to web stan­dards and is for­ward think­ing.

Internet Explorer 6.5?

Microsoft released Win­dows XP Ser­vice Pack 2 yes­ter­day. Part of the ser­vice pack includes updates to Inter­net Explor­er.

On the plus side, IE now comes with a native pop-up block­er. It also requires user authen­ti­ca­tion for dri­ve-by down­loads. Anoth­er cool fea­ture is the “Add-On Manger”, which is sim­i­lar to Firefox’s exten­sions man­ag­er.

Firefox is the Coolest Browser

I ditched Inter­net Explor­er at home a few moths ago for Netscape. Every time I opened IE for the first time, it would take near­ly a minute to load the first page. That was sim­ply unac­cept­able and since I could not find the prob­lem, I sim­ply switched to anoth­er brows­er.

While I was using Netscape, I became addict­ed to tabbed brows­ing. It has come to the point where I detest using IE at work because I always have to open new win­dows instead of new tabs. There were some oth­er cool fea­tures as well.

I heard a lot about Fire­fox and decid­ed to try it. It was a nice down­load; less than a minute on DSL. It auto­mat­i­cal­ly import­ed my Netscape book­marks, favourites, links and pass­words. Very cool.

Internet Explorer Is Not Broken

A com­mon issue such design­ers have is users hav­ing the abil­i­ty to resize web­page text to meet their lev­el of read­ing com­fort. All mod­ern browsers have resiz­ing capa­bil­i­ties; how­ev­er, some have more pow­er­ful capa­bil­i­ties than oth­ers do. For exam­ple, IE can only size text to five sizes (small­est, small­er, medi­um, larg­er, and largest) while Opera can resize text and images from 20% to 1000% of the orig­i­nal size. As well, IE can only resize rel­a­tive­ly sized text (i.e. em, pt, cm, in, %), while oth­er browsers can resize even absolute­ly sized text (i.e. px).

Giv­en the com­mon and pre­dom­i­nant dis­ap­proval of IE’s rel­a­tive­ly low sup­port for CSS 2.1, many peo­ple often attribute IE’s inabil­i­ty to resize absolute­ly sized text as a bug. Some even go as far as say­ing IE is bro­ken in this regard. I strong­ly dis­agree with this notion.

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