Photoshop CS 2.0 Almost Here

Accord­ing to Think Secret, the newest ver­sion of Adobe Pho­to­shop, Phot­shop CS 2.0, will ship next month.

Dirty Scanners

If there is one thing I hate about dig­i­tal image manip­u­la­tion it is scan­ning in pho­tos. Specif­i­cal­ly it is scan­ning pho­tos on a dirt scan­ner bed.

Three Point Process

When­ev­er I am giv­en an image, I rarely leave it as is. I always try to manip­u­late it some way to enhance it. I have a foun­da­tion of pro­ce­dures that I use in near­ly every image. Some images require me to use more than these, but vir­tu­al­ly every pho­to I touch goes through the same process.

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