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To find a meetinghouse near you, visit maps.lds.org.

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  1. Douglas L. Vermillion says:

    I am a US citizen member of the LDS Church on a consulting mission to Rwanda. I wish to attend Church in Kigali and need to find the address and meeting times. I wonder why they are not listed here since there is already a branch and there are full time missionaries there too. Please help.

    • kmsiever says:

      They meet at 10:00 according to maps.lds.org. Not an address like you might be used to, but here is what they have for a location:

      Gishushu, Across from the Parliament Building, Behind the Gate at the Top of the Cobblestone Rd

  2. cody lauscher says:

    is there a meeting house or any members near Boura Burkina Faso? I’ll be in burkina for a few weeks and would love to meet up with some members there if possible.

    • Kim Siever says:

      From what I can tell, there are no units in Burkina Faso. In fact, it doesn’t even look like the country is open to proselytizing work. I am not sure what mission technically covers it, but you might want to contact the Cote d’Ivoire mission to see if they know. If you find out which mission covers Burkina Faso, you might be able to find out about members living in the country.

  3. Emmanuel Kaleo says:

    Is there a meeting house in the upper west region of Ghana. Full member of the Church. Kindly assist me to partake of the sacrament. Wa to be precise unit or a group will be of much help to
    Contact number is +233 242758294 or +233 203520837

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