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Hot Pepper Communications specializes in copy work and inbound marketing, specifically in these 5 areas:





Your company is unique, so the services I provide you must be unique, too. That’s why I  created modules. You pick the modules you need to create your own custom package.

Copyediting module

$10 per page (50% discount for post-secondary students) Use this service to fix your website content, edit your master’s thesis, correct errors in your advertisement, or a host of other documents. Price is based on 12 pt font with 1.5 line spacing. Remember, I have 30 years experience writing and editing.

Copywriting module

$20 per page Use this service to write content for a new website, create a press release, develop a brochure, or many other needs. Price is based on 12 pt font with 1.5 line spacing. Remember, I have 28 years experience writing and editing.

Traffic driver modules

With 16 years blogging experience and 19 years newsletter experience, I can increase your website traffic through integrating your blog and newsletter.

The Traffic Driver Picante

  • 4 blog posts per month
  • 1 newsletter issue per month

The Traffic Driver Picoso

  • 8 blog posts per month
  • 2 newsletter issues per month
The Traffic Driver modules save you money. I designed them in a way to require less time to produce but provide a better return than if you did blogging and a newsletter separately. If you include social media management modules, we can further engage your customers and increase your traffic.

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