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Hot Pepper Communications specializes in copy work and inbound marketing, specifically in these 5 areas:





Social media management


I’ve been writing and editing for over 30 years. I am fan of all things writing — grammar, spelling, punctuation, punctuation, and even type and font design. In fact, those who know me well might even call me a grammar snob or a grammar nazi. I don’t mind because when they have questions about writing, they always come to me.

While I am a Lethbridge-based copywriter, I have many clients outside of Lethbridge. Tools like Dropbox and Google Docs makes working with long distance clients a breeze. Some writing and editing services I have done in the past are website copy, press releases, editing school papers, brochure copy, SEO, ad copy, and so on.

Blogging & newsletters

I have been blogging since 2000 and managing enewsletters since 1997. In the time since, I have developed a technique that integrates these two services to drive traffic to your website. Plus, having spent over 20 years developing websites has given me a strong understanding of what appeals to web users and what turns them off.

Social media

I have been using social media since 2004. I consider myself an early adopter of technology, and I have been on board most popular social media networks before they became popular.

Not only do I know how social media works, I know how to make it work for business. In fact, I currently manage corporate accounts with a combined following of over 120,000 people.

I specialize in organic growth. It’s a slower process, but it focuses on quality instead of quantity. People who follow your account through my efforts are interested in your product and will be more likely to engage with your account. Ultimately, more engagement should be your goal.

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