Services we provide

Hot Pepper Communications specializes in copy work and inbound marketing, specifically in these 4 areas:

Copyediting • Copywriting • Blogging • Enewsletters


I’ve been writing and editing for over 29 years. I am fan of all things writing—grammar, spelling, punctuation, punctuation, and even type and font design. In fact, those who know me well might even call me a grammar snob or a grammar nazi. I don’t mind because when they have questions about writing, they always come to me. While I am a Lethbridge-based copywriter, I have many clients outside of Lethbridge. Tools like Dropbox and Google Docs make working with long distance clients a breeze. Some writing and editing services I have done in the past is website copy, press releases, editing school papers, brochure copy, SEO, ad copy, and so on.

Blogging & newsletters

I have been blogging since 2000 and managing enewsletters since 1997. In the time since, I have developed a technique that integrates these two services to drive traffic to your website. Plus, having spent 18 years developing websites has given me a strong understanding of what appeals to web users and what turns them off.

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