Here are the links I shared this week that people liked the most.

  1. Why using a spellchecker isn’t good enough
  2. 5 Tips for Making Sure Social Media Helps You Get a Job
  3. 10 Latest & Greatest Social Media Strategies to Boost Results & Save Time
  4. 3 Ways to Carve Content From Writer’s Block
  5. When to Use Female Nouns
  6. 16 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Be Using Right Now
  7. How to add contact information to your Google+ page in 4 easy steps
  8. 20 Social Media Marketing Tips From the Pros
  9. 10 New Social Media Strategies to Experiment With Today
  10. We Tested the Best Advice to Get More Clicks on Facebook. Here’s What Worked
  11. SocialMedia Marketing: Build Your Business on Google+
  12. What Small Businesses Need to Know About Social Media Marketing
  13. 33 Ways to Get the Most From Twitter
  14. How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter
  15. How To Set Goals For Your Content Marketing
  16. Every perfect Twitter profile should have these 4 things
  17. How to find the link for a specific Facebook post (VIDEO)
  18. 7 Key Social Media Mistakes to Avoid
  19. What to post on Facebook to get likes
  20. Canadian Style Tip #25: Initial numbers

Which one is your favourite?

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