Here are the links I shared this week that peo­ple liked the most.

  1. Why using a spellcheck­er isn’t good enough
  2. 5 Tips for Mak­ing Sure Social Media Helps You Get a Job
  3. 10 Lat­est & Great­est Social Media Strate­gies to Boost Results & Save Time
  4. 3 Ways to Carve Con­tent From Writer’s Block
  5. When to Use Female Nouns
  6. 16 Tools Every Social Media Man­ag­er Should Be Using Right Now
  7. How to add con­tact infor­ma­tion to your Google+ page in 4 easy steps
  8. 20 Social Media Mar­ket­ing Tips From the Pros
  9. 10 New Social Media Strate­gies to Exper­i­ment With Today
  10. We Test­ed the Best Advice to Get More Clicks on Face­book. Here’s What Worked
  11. Social­Me­dia Mar­ket­ing: Build Your Busi­ness on Google+
  12. What Small Busi­ness­es Need to Know About Social Media Mar­ket­ing
  13. 33 Ways to Get the Most From Twit­ter
  14. How to Craft Per­fect Posts for Face­book, LinkedIn & Twit­ter
  15. How To Set Goals For Your Con­tent Mar­ket­ing
  16. Every per­fect Twit­ter pro­file should have these 4 things
  17. How to find the link for a spe­cif­ic Face­book post (VIDEO)
  18. 7 Key Social Media Mis­takes to Avoid
  19. What to post on Face­book to get likes
  20. Cana­di­an Style Tip #25: Ini­tial num­bers

Which one is your favourite?

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