One thing I spe­cial­ize in is whit­tling down wordi­ness. You could argue that wordi­ness is even a pet peeve of mine.

A pop­u­lar wordi­ness cul­prit is the use of the word “cur­rent­ly” (and its cousins “now” and “present­ly”).

Here are some exam­ples:

  • You’re cur­rent­ly read­ing this blog post.
  • You’re read­ing this blog post right now.

Now, tech­ni­cal­ly, these sen­tences are gram­mat­i­cal­ly fine; they’re just wordy.

See, if you’re speak­ing in the present tense, using words like “cur­rent­ly” or “now” is redun­dant. Speak­ing in the present implies that what you’re say­ing is cur­rent or in the now.

Our sen­tences could be whit­tled down to this and still make sense:

  • You’re read­ing this blog post.
  • You’re read­ing this blog post.


Oh, they’re the same. :)

There may be the odd occa­sion when these words could be use­ful in mak­ing a point, but gen­er­al­ly, just let them go.

About Kim Siever

I am a copy­writer and copy­ed­i­tor. I blog on writ­ing and social media tips most­ly, but I some­times throw in my thoughts about run­ning a small busi­ness. Fol­low me on Twit­ter at @hotpepper.

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