2 New Missions to be Created This July in Africa

The Church announced the creation of two new missions this summer in Cote d’Ivoire and the Republic of the Congo.

via LDS Church Growth

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  1. molly kiuchi says:

    I need to contact the Fidjrosse branch in Cotonou, Benin. Where I was baptized and attended. I became very ill with malaria and elder T.J. Thomas, a young man on mission there suggested leaving my things at the church there with the Bishop there. Now I want to send for them and T.J. hasn’t gotten any response. Please send me the address of the temple in Fidjrosse, the name of the person to contact, phone number, and e-mail . Also there was a really elder lady and her husband from a main temple who took the young men to market and ministry and drove me to be baptized, whom I believe were permanent residents of Cotonou. They would remember me and T.J. Thomas and might have this information if you don’t have it all. Please help me, I was so sick, I almost died and there wasn’t much but it’s very important that I recover it. I have a friend who will go and take care of it but I need this information for him. Thank you very much. sister Molly Kiuchi

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